Juvenile Law

juvenile-attorney-lone-tree-opfer-stowellDealing with the officials who oversee the safety of children in Colorado can be very frustrating. Parents often find they or their children are under investigation and are uncertain where they can turn for help. This is when it is imperative to reach out to an attorney who understands Colorado Juvenile Law; someone who can serve as an advocate and protect your children’s rights and your rights as a parent.

Dependency and Neglect in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Human Services must investigate all reports of child abuse or neglect. In order to maneuver through this confusing system, parents should have an attorney by their side who understands what the charges are, how they can defend against these charges and what proof can be offered in showing that the charges are false. Opfer | Campbell | Beck P.C. has the experience and skills you need to help preserve your rights as a parent.

Juvenile Delinquency in Colorado

As an attorney serving clients in Douglas, Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson, Adams and El Paso counties we often see young people make mistakes that can have a long-lasting and devastating effects on their future. Children sometimes make bad decisions and find themselves in trouble with the law. If your child has been charged with a crime, you should have an attorney who will serve as an advocate in Juvenile Court to make sure your child is treated fairly and with respect and who will work hard to get your child the treatment he or she needs to decrease recidivism and ensure a more successful future.

If you are facing any legal issues regarding your role as a parent and or your child’s safety and wellbeing in Douglas, Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson, Adams and El Paso Counties, contact Opfer | Campbell | Beck P.C. at (303) 791-0995 or fill out the contact form below immediately. We can help protect children who have made mistakes and preserve your rights as a parent.