Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Opfer & Stowell P.C. offer an initial consultation?

Yes. Opfer & Stowell P.C. offers a no-obligation free initial consultation.

2. What can I expect during the initial consultation?

Prior to your initial consultation you will be asked to fill out a client intake questionnaire. The intake questionnaire provides the attorney conducting your initial consultation with relevant information regarding your case. If you already have an active case filed with a Colorado court, we ask that you bring any documents that have been filed into that case or served on you to your consultation. An attorney at Opfer & Stowell P.C. will review your intake questionnaire and any documents you provide prior to your consultation. When you meet with an attorney you can expect that attorney will have an understanding of the nature of your legal matter. The attorney will provide you will a basic understanding of the legal processes involved with your case, a brief overview of the relevant controlling law in your case, and an initial opinion regarding the range of possible resolutions of your legal matter. The attorney will also discuss your wishes and goals relating to your legal dispute and the nature and terms of Opfer & Stowell P.C.’s representation of you, including, but not limited to, the initial retainer request and hourly billing rates.

3. Can I do the initial consultation over the phone?

Yes. The attorneys at Opfer & Stowell P.C. are happy to conduct your initial consultation over the phone.

4. If I meet with an attorney at Opfer & Stowell P.C. do I have to retain the attorney to represent me?

No. The initial consultation is no-obligation and while anything you share with the attorney during your initial consultation is privileged and confidential, an attorney client relationship is not created until both parties, you and Opfer & Stowell P.C., execute a legal services engagement agreement and the initial retainer request is paid.

5. How much is your initial retainer?

At Opfer & Stowell P.C. we understand that every family is unique and so too is any family law matter. As such, we set our initial retainer request based on the specific facts and unique circumstances of your case. An attorney at Opfer & Stowell P.C. will be able to give you an initial retainer quote at the end of your initial consultation after he or she has had the opportunity to learn about your legal matter and assess the steps necessary to resolve your case and meet your goals.

6. How long will my case take?

This depends largely on the nature of your case and the county in which your case will be heard. Some counties in Colorado are able to complete a family law case in weeks while other counties have dockets that are overtaxed and, as such, cases in those counties can last a year or longer. An attorney at Opfer & Stowell P.C. can help you determine the best venue in Colorado to file your case in or, if your case is already filed, assist you in dealing with your legal matter in the most efficient way possible.

7. What will the outcome of my case be?

No attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case. The legal system is full of ranges of outcomes. No place is this more true than in the Domestic or Family Court. An attorney at Opfer & Stowell P.C. will help you understand the ranges of potential outcomes in your specific case and will work with you to resolve your matter in a way that meets your unique goals and concerns.

8. Do I need an attorney?

Every person in the United States has the right to choose to be a self-represented, or pro se, party. Many cases can be handled by the parties and the services of an attorney are not needed. The attorneys at Opfer & Stowell P.C. are committed to serving your best interest and, as such, if they believe, after meeting with you during your initial consultation, that you do not need legal representation, the attorney will tell you so and point you towards helpful resources for pro se parties.

9. What can an attorney do for me?

If you determine that you would like to engage Opfer & Stowell P.C. for full representation services, your attorney will handle all aspects of your case including, but not limited to, case management, calendaring and deadlines, document drafting, settlement negotiations and hearing preparation and attendance. At Opfer & Stowell P.C. your attorney will guide you through the process, keeping you informed of the status of your case and advising you as to the potential outcomes of your case. An attorney at Opfer & Stowell P.C. will be with you every step of the way to not only help you reach your goals during your legal matter but also to help set you up for success in the future.

10. I think I need the help of an attorney but do not think I can afford full service legal representation, what are my options?

At Opfer & Stowell P.C. we offer what is known as limited or unbundled legal representation. Under this type of legal representation agreement you can choose what part or parts of the legal process you feel you need help with and pay for only the services you use. This type of legal representation has risks and benefits. An attorney at Opfer & Stowell P.C. can help you weigh your options to determine whether limited or unbundled representation is right for you.